Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sen. Schultheis votes NO on Gov. Appointment to Exec. Director of the Dept. of Public Health and Environment

The Senate Health and Human Services' committee heard testimony today by Martha E. Rudolf, Esq., of Denver, Colorado, being recommended for appointment by Gov. Ritter to fill the position of Executive Director of the Department of Public Health and Environment. While well qualified, Ms. Rudolf was asked her views on two extremely important issues:
  1. Is there an issue with global warming...and it is caused by humans? Her answer to both related questions was an unqualified "yes." Quote: "that global warming is real, it is happening, it is something that is caused by humans and that it is something that we must address."
  2. Does she consider CO2 to be a pollutant? Her answer: Quote: “It [CO2] has been declared a pollutant even though it is a natural element, but it is a contributor to global warming and at this point what EPA is struggling with and I think states are struggling with as well is designating this as a pollutant when it is so pervasive, meaning that we have to really develop a different kind of regulatory scheme or control scheme for it. It does not fit easily or well in the current clean air act. In our view when you’re looking at programs in the clean air act where you regulate emissions at 100 tons or 250 tons and you look at the average building as emitting” [2 to 5000 tons] “its untenable to try to shoehorn regulating that pollutant in the current program. I think EPA is recognizing that and they’re struggling with how to deal with regulating this as a pollutant. We’re not really sure what makes the best sense and how you take a look at this. I think one of the things we need to figure out and I think we’re doing a good job or pretty good job that is, is just figuring how much is out there how much is emitted by forces, what is the…what does the utility, what does the building emit. And having them know that, what do you do about it, what really makes the most sense? How do you handle this? You can really put a plastic bubble on a building, so what do you do and I think it is going to be a struggle for a while to try to figure this out. But my off perspective is that you cant”…[Inaudible recording 10:19:38-42 [Use the rubric of how we interact?]…”You have to treat it as a problem with conventional proof.”

Martha Rudolf also mentioned that the Governor's office is working on a Climate Action Plan. Quote: "As you're aware, the governor has a climate action plan and has a group of folks within the state government that are working on that climate action plan."

Based on her answers to the committee, I voted NO and will debate these issues on the full floor of the Senate when this matter comes to the full Senate for confirmation