Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sen. Schultheis Endorses Dan Maes for Governor of Colorado

Today, I declare my endorsement for Dan Maes for Governor of Colorado.

Dan Maes and I have had several extended meetings over the past several months regarding his candidacy. During those times, we discussed his views on a myriad of situations that may come before him as Governor of Colorado. He holds strong, conservative values, and believes them to be the best for Colorado's citizens.

During tough fiscal times, Dan Maes understand the need for fiscal discipline and has the courage to make appropriate cuts to achieve a balanced budget without relying on one-time funds to do so. He understands the continued desire of government to grow in good times and bad.

I am convinced that Dan Maes will be a strong defender of States Rights; he understands the incessant desire of the federal government to continue to encroach on the rights of individual states. To me, this is one of Colorado's most critical issue.

One of my major issues is illegal immigration. After our discussions, I am firmly convinced that he will ensure that the State Departments are upholding the intent of a bill passed in 2006 that required all state vendors to verify work eligibility of those employed to perform work for the state.

To view his positions on key issues, please refer to his website.

I am convinced that Dan Maes is a true conservative, that he truly believes they will best serve the people of Colorado, and will hold to these values in the years ahead.