Thursday, August 19, 2010

Several Members of the Republican Study of Colorado take trip to Arizona to discuss AZ's SB 1070

Members of the Republican Study Committee of Colorado take seriously the immigration-related Resolutions passed overwhelmingly by the delegates to Colorado's State Republican Convention earlier this year. Their four-day trip beginning August 18th, 2010 was designed to increase awareness among legislators as to the seriousness of the illegal immigration in Arizona as well as to gain insight into Arizona's recently-passed SB1070 which instituted strong measures against the growing influx of illegal aliens to the U.S.

The increasingly negative effect of illegal immigration on Colorado's citizens is of serious concern. These negative affects are being felt in Colorado's K-12 education system, hospitals, law enforcement, judicial system, to mention a few. On 2008, the costs of illegal immigration on Colorado's taxpayers was estimated by the Federation for Immigration Reform, to be at least $1.1 billion, costing the average native-born household $612/yr.

Colorado's legislators are gaining valuable insight on the issues surrounding AZ's bill. Two legislators plan to introduce a nearly identical bill in Colorado's upcoming legislative session scheduled to begin January 13, 2011. Representative Lambert, who will be elected as Senator of Colorado Springs' Senate District 9 on November 2nd., plans to introduce this bill in the Senate. Rep. Randy Baumgardner has indicated he will introduce such a bill in the House of Representatives.

Furthermore, I expect other illegal-immigration bills to be introduced next year, including:

  • Requirement for non-government employers to determine legal work status through the federal government's e-verify system. A similar bill has been introduced by me annually for the past five years. (State agencies already adhere to this practice)
  • Proof of citizenship to register to vote
  • Requirement to produce ID to vote
  • Requirement for K-12 Schools to identify numbers of students in the U.S. illegally
  • Requirement to compare Colorado's death certificates to the list of recipients receiving Medicaid

Dan Maes, candidate for Governor has indicated he will sign an AZ SB1070 bill as well as an e-verify bill should they reach his desk.