Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My November 2010 voting recommendations with respect to Colorado's ballot issues

State Legislature-Referred Constitutional Amendments (“Referendums”)
Yes on Amendment P:   Moves Regulation of Bingo and Raffle Games of Chance from the Secretary of State to the Department of Revenue, which currently regulates most gambling activities.
Yes on Amendment Q:  Establishes a process for moving the seat of state government to a temporary location during a declared disaster emergency.
Yes on Amendment R:   Eliminates property taxes for individuals or businesses that use government-owned property for a private benefit worth $6,000 or less in market value.
Citizen-Initiated Constitutional Amendments (“Initiatives”)
Yes on Amendment 60: Phases in a reduction of Property Taxes paid by individuals and businesses by 50% over a ten-year period.
Yes on Amendment 61: Places common-sense restrictions on Government borrowing.
Yes on Amendment 62: Acknowledges the inalienable rights, equality of justice and due process of law to every human being from the beginning of the biological development of that human being.
Yes on Amendment 63: Adds healthcare choice as a right listed in the bill of rights in the Colorado Constitution.

Citizen-Initiated Statutory Propositions (These amend the state laws and NOT the CO Constitution)
Yes on Prop 101:  Reduces state income tax gradually over time from 4.63% to 3.5%.  Reduces or eliminates taxes and fees on vehicle purchases, registration, leases, and rentals over four years.  Eliminates all state and local taxes and fees on telecommunication services, except 911 fees.  Requires voter approval to create or increase fees on vehicles and telecommunication services.
NO on Prop 102: Prohibits the release of a defendant on an unsecured bond to supervision by a pretrial services program unless that defendant is arrested for his or her first offense that is also a nonviolent misdemeanor. 

County Questions
Yes on 1A:  Ends the sale of marijuana while keeping intact the rights of medical marijuana patients and caregivers.
No on 1B:  Allows the D.A. to run for a third four-year term.
No on 1C:  Allows County Commissioners to run for a third term.
No on 1D:  Allows the County Treasurer, Clerk, Surveyor and Assessor to run for a third term.

City of Colorado Springs Questions
No on 2B:  Colorado Springs received $600,000 from taxpayers over and above its TABOR limit.  The City is requesting taxpayers to allow it to keep these funds for allocation to “high priority” road and bridge repairs.
Yes on 2C:   Al1ocates 15% of tax revenue raised for trails and open space (TOPS) for park maintenance for two years.
No on 300:  Passage may lead Colorado Springs to an autocratic system.  The most conservative city council member, Darryl Glenn is strongly opposed.