Thursday, November 8, 2012

Progressive Majority is Estatic Over the Election Outcome

The Election in Colorado is now over, and the Progressive Majority is  ecstatic about the number of Progressives that have been elected/re-elected to the State House and Senate.  Colorado was one of ten states targeted by the PM.  Having been formed in December of 1999, the Progressive Majority 527 organization has raised over $18 million to fund Progressive candidates and funded, in part by anti-American, George Soros.

Unfortunately, the average citizen who cherishes personal Liberty, holds to traditional moral values, works hard to achieve on his/her own, holds to the basic tenants of the U.S. and Colorado Constitutions and who desires a society that upholds the rule of law needs to be much concerned with the Tuesday's election outcome.  Over my ten years in the Colorado Legislture, I've served with several of those relected (names in bold).  Their ideals are inconsistent with what the Founders saw as the need to limit government's intrusion in the lives of citizens and to maximize the Liberties we have long cherished. 

Over the past two years, unlike the Democrat-controlled Senate, Republicans held a tenuous majority (33/32) in the House of Representatives and thus held the leadership of each House committee.  Now that both the House and Senate are in strong Democrat control, as well as the Governorship, we can expect to see bills passed by Democrat-controlled committees and signed into law during the upcoming 2013 legislative session.  These will certainly include "Civil" Unions, In-state Tuition for Illegals, implementation of Obamacare and numerous other bills to redistribute the wealth of hardworking citizens in order to provide more government "services" to the "have-nots." 

The Progressive State and House members for the next two years will be:

Diane Mitsch Bush - State Representative, District 26
Morgan Carroll - State Senate, District 29
Crisanta Duran - State Representative, District 5
Tony Exum - State Representative, District 17
Randy Fischer - State Representative, District 53
John Kefalas - State Senate, District 14
Andy Kerr - State Senate, District 22
Steve Ludwig - University of Colorado Board of Regents, At-Large
Pete Lee - State Representative, District 18
Dan Pabon - State Representative, District 4
Cherylin Peniston - State Representative, District 35
Dianne Primavera - State Representative, District 33
Susan Ryden - State Representative, District 36
Max Tyler - State Representative, District 23
Jessie Ulibarri - State Senate, District 21