Sunday, January 5, 2014

Endorsement of Sen. Mike Kopp for Governor of Colorado

For several years, while serving in the Colorado Senate together, I had the privilege of sharing an office with Sen. Mike Kopp.  During that time, he and I had many deep conversations on a wide range of issues, both political and personal.  I had many opportunities to observe his numerous interactions with fellow legislators, constituents, party leadership and others, better than most others.

Without any reservation, I know Mike will be a Governor who will make all citizens of Colorado, regardless of political party, extremely proud.  This is a man who, by every measure stands above the crowd.  He is a man whose word and deed Coloradans can trust; a man guided by his faith who is principled, moral, ethical, honest, well-organized, and a true statesman by anyone's definition. He truly understands and will resist the state's as well as the federal government's insatiable desire to grow and usurp our individual liberties.