Sunday, January 5, 2014

Endorsement of Sen. Mike Kopp for Governor of Colorado

For several years, while serving in the Colorado Senate together, I had the privilege of sharing an office with Sen. Mike Kopp.  During that time, he and I had many deep conversations on a wide range of issues, both political and personal.  I had many opportunities to observe his numerous interactions with fellow legislators, constituents, party leadership and others, better than most others.

Without any reservation, I know Mike will be a Governor who will make all citizens of Colorado, regardless of political party, extremely proud.  This is a man who, by every measure stands above the crowd.  He is a man whose word and deed Coloradans can trust; a man guided by his faith who is principled, moral, ethical, honest, well-organized, and a true statesman by anyone's definition. He truly understands and will resist the state's as well as the federal government's insatiable desire to grow and usurp our individual liberties.

At a time when our Nation and State need leaders who will inspire citizens to be the best they can be and take pride in their American heritage, I can enthusiastically, and with confidence, point to Mike Kopp as that type of leader; such a man comes along only a few times in decades.  As he visits your area of the state, I strongly encourage you to set aside time to hear his love and vision for Colorado and where possible to engage him in personal discussion.  I guarantee you will be as impressed as I am with his love for his country and his strong desire for each one of us to become all we were intended to be.

There are many political races on the horizon in our great state, but none rises to the level of importance as that of Governor.  Not only can the Governor use his influence to inspire Coloradans, but also to veto the numerous bills that come before a Governor's desk that limit our individual liberties.  In 2013 alone, according to the analysis of the 237 bill's evaluated by Principles of Liberty, 72% should have been vetoed on the basis of exceeding the core functions of Government.  Yet, the current Democrat governor, Hickenlooper didn't veto a single bill sent to him.  I am convinced that Mike Kopp will bills much differently.

I will be making the maximum contribution to Mike’s campaign and I am asking you to join with me and others across the state in supporting Mike. Click here to watch a video about Mike’s family, his service in the Army, and his time as the Republican leader in the Colorado state senate. Please consider joining his team.