Saturday, March 1, 2014

The Republican Party MUST align itself with the Tea Party if it is going to Win Elections

For over a decade, following my move to Colorado Springs from Southern California over 22 years ago, I found it so refreshing to read the Opinion section of the Colorado Springs Gazette because it exuded patriotism, freedom and liberty and was reasonably consistent in advocating for those views.  To my increasing disappointment, I now find those views being compromised.  

A recent Gazette editorial, dated March 1, 2014, entitled "Tea party and the Rest of the GOP should Work Together to Win" seems to be accurate on its face, but the tone of this missive not too subtly suggests that it is basically the Tea Party that must move more to the center, compromising its values in order to create harmony and win elections in the future.  As stated in its closing paragraph, "Moderate, mainstream Republicans need to stop marginalizing more conservative factions of the party.  Tea Partiers need to stop acting as if Republicans sell their souls to the "establishment" the moment they ascend to leadership or cooperate with Democrats." "In politics, victories are won through alliances and compromise."

Granted, if the two "factions" of the Party do not come together, and do so soon, Republicans could very well snatch defeat from victory.  This should indeed be a wake-up call, not for the Tea Party movement, but rather for the Republican Establishment -- for the Ryan Calls, and the other "leaders" of our Party.  Both factions should, indeed come together, but around what?  I would suggest, it should not be around the declining mores of our society but around the 2012 Republican Platform.  This platform enumerates the values nearly all Tea Partiers hold, such concepts as Pro-Family, Sanctity of Life, Pro-Marriage, Pro-Legal Immigration, and many other time-proven concepts.  Unfortunately, the Republican establishment has traitorously pulled the Party far from those concepts and is attempting to drag those who hold strongly to them down the same path.  

It is time for the Republican Establishment to wake up to the fact that it is THEY that are destroying our party, by sacrificing the Party's time-tested Principles on the altar of compromise and not supporting those candidates who promise to uphold those Principles.  It is one thing to compromise on tactics to accomplish goals, it is another to compromise on one's Principles.  Granted, there IS a real battle going on for the heart and soul of the Republican Party.  That's a given.  The only solution that will succeed at the end of the day will be for the Establishment to rally around the core Principles of the Party.  No other solution can or will succeed.