Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Response to May 18th Colorado Springs' Gazette Editorial regarding the “Tancredo Problem.”

We were very disappointed to read your May 19th editorial supporting Bob Beauprez for Governor. You did your readership a disservice by resting your case for Beauprez on several very poorly-informed assumptions.  As conservatives, we strongly disagree with your choice.

Unlike Bob Beauprez, Mike Kopp has never lost a primary or general election campaign for office. He was elected by party members as the National Committeeman for Colorado.  Beauprez already tried his hand at running for Governor in 2006, and lost to Bill Ritter by 15 percentage points! Not only does Mike Kopp have a history of winning, he represents a new generation of solid and reasonable conservatives that Republicans are hungry for in our state. Unlike Bob Beauprez, Mike Kopp didn’t buy his way onto the primary ballot. He earned his way to the top line position by testing himself in the trenches and presenting his case to grassroots Republican delegates at the Colorado State Republican Assembly. Unlike Bob Beauprez, Mike Kopp is loyal to the caucus system, the decisions of elected Republican delegates, and didn’t wait in the wings until the last minute to get into the race which allowed him to avoid that process.. Mike had been campaigning for months by the time Mr. Beauprez finally revealed he would run. Your editorial said Mike Kopp should defer to Bob Beauprez and leave the race to prevent a Tancredo nomination. Perhaps that duty should have rested with Mr. Beauprez by declining to enter the race in the first place.

There’s a reason we have primary elections – to allow Republicans an opportunity to look at the totality of each candidates’ record and make an informed decision.  For Colorado conservatives that decision is clear– Mike Kopp for Colorado Governor.

Sen. Kent Lambert
Fmr. Sen. Dave Schultheis