Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Colorado Springs misleads readers regarding "Undocumented Immigrants."

The Colorado Springs Gazette must STOP referring to illegal aliens as Undocumented Immigrants!” They are NOT immigrants, but lawbreakers who have illegally invaded our country. If the Gazette wants to retain its credibility it must stop mischaracterizing them; it is untruthful, misleading and deceitful journalism! The Gazette should return to the business of truth-telling, not misleading its readers about a very serious issue. Interestingly, after challenging the Gazette yesterday, I received an email advising me that they use the Associated Press' lexicon.  Why would a newspaper conform in this way?  Conformity seldom leads to good journalism.

Illegals flaunting their illegal status by applying for a drivers license, should be arrested and sent back across the border. We allow those in this country illegally to drive legally? Are we out of our minds?  I fear so.

Colorado has borders that must be protected every bit as much as the nation’s borders. We used to be a nation of laws -- or at least we used to be.