Sunday, February 22, 2015

Candidate Recommendations for Colorado Springs Political Offices

Several citizens have requested my recommendations for the upcoming elections to be held April 7th in Colorado Springs.  The list of names is in the same order as the expected ballotMy recommendations are in BOLD.  I hope the following is helpful

1. Amy Lathen
2. Joel Miller
3. Tony Carpenter
4. John Suthers
5. Mary Lou Makepeace
6. Lawrence Martinez

At-large City Council
Important: Several candidates are running for only three available at-large City Council seatsTo assure your votes have the greatest impact, make sure you vote only for those you think are the best.  If you are only sure of one or two, then ONLY vote for those. Do not vote for any that you are not absolutely sure of so as to keep from watering down the impact of those you are sure of. 
1. Al Loma
2. Longinos Gonzalez Jr.
3. Bill Murray
4. Tom Strand
5. Vanessa Bowie
6. Marv Bennett
7. Vicki Tonkins
8. Jariah R. Walker
9. Yolanda L. Avila
10. Jesse Brown Jr.
11. Glenn Carlson
12. Nicholas Lee
13. Joe Woyte

District 2
1. Larry Bagley
2. Kanda Calef

District 4
  NO ON RECALL of Helen Collins

For further information check here

Issue 1: Yes.  This is a needed transition to clarify the City Council's responsibility as apart from a Strong Mayor form of Governement.

Issue 2: Yes.  Like Issue 1, this is also needed to provide a balance under the current Strong Mayor form of government.