Sunday, March 12, 2017

Ballot Suggestions for April 4th Colorado Springs Muinicipal Election

To: Interested Colorado Springs Voters:

Several voters have asked me to weigh in on the upcoming April 4th, Colorado Springs Ballot issues.  Based on the principles of Limited Government and to the best of my ability and the information, my thoughts are as follows:


CAUTION: It is a constant ploy to raise taxes by starting the issue with the wording: "Without Increasing Taxes."  That DECEPTIVE wording should be a Red Flag to voters because it is most-often used to continue an existing tax by assigning it to another cause..OR when a current tax has brought in more funds than anticipated and will require a refund.  So, instead of eliminating the tax (as in the first case) or refunding the overage to the citizens (as in the second case), the county/city place an issue on the ballot that would allocate the use of those funds for something else. 

ISSUE 1:   -- Vote NO

My general rule of thumb is always to vote NO unless there is extremely good reason to vote YES.  In this case, the voter has absolutely no way of knowing the detail behind the reasoning for placing this on the ballot. To vote for a change int he city's charter without understanding the reasoning behind such a change would make for an uninformed vote.  Therefore, I would recommend a NO vote.

ISSUE 2: Vote NO

Deceptive wording: "WITHOUT INCREASING TAXES..."

Surplus revenue this year and next is estimated to be $9million.  "Surplus revenue" is money out of taxpayers' income.  The city wants to keep $6million for stormwater projects.  Question:  Why haven't the stormwater infrastructure project costs been allocated in the budget during past years?  Now the city wants to keep from returning  the overtaxed funds to taxpayers.  The wording, "Without Increasing Taxes" is deceptive.  Force the city to return all $9milllion of the estimated "revenue" and place a specific ballot issue before taxpayers in the future.

ISSUE 3  Vote NO
Deceptive wording: "WITHOUT INCREASING TAXES..."
If you want more government control of your telecommunications services in place of private enterprise, then this is this issue is for you.  However this bill, passed in 2005 as Senate Bill 152,  was designed to make it difficult for governmental entities to compete with private enterprise in providing a cable television service, telecommunications service, or high speed internet access service to subscribers, and from purchasing, leasing, constructing, maintaining or operating any facility for the purpose of providing such service.

City Council Dist 1: Don Knight.
I'm not convinced that Don's opponent fully understands, when he says "Create a Government that is a Partner..." what that really means.  Most-often, whenever government is a "partner," it put a drag on free enterprise and competition.
When Don's opponent states the obvious, that we must "Fund our Communities infrastructure challenges...." there is no discussion as to where those fund will be generated.
When Don's opponent says "it's time to pursue business diversification," what does he mean?  How much more diversification does he plan to pursue...and what government expense will be involved to achieve this undefined goal?
Don's opponent's answer to most of the issues is more taxes or fees.  I don't sense there is any desire to re-prioritize the income the city is already is receiving.
Finally, Don's opponent is a "non-partisan" candidate.  How do his "non-partisan" views determine  the Principles he will use in making decisions? You should want to know what those principles are before considering him for an important City Council position.

City Council District 4: Helen Collins  (No other candidate is as interested in keeping your taxes low and serving his/her citizens)
I have observed Helen Collins for several years, and there is no question that she is far-and-away the best candidate for this District.  She is extremely committed to responding quickly to constituents' needs.  Her District needs someone who will not only respond promptly, but follow-through on handling the concerns of her constituents.  Helen is also extremely focused on maintaining the lowest tax rate possible that will meet the infrastructure and safety needs of her constituents.  If you are a constituent  of hers and have an important issue that needs solving, you want Helen as your advocate.

City Council District 6:  Janak Joshi
Former State Representative.   Studies the issues very well.  Has keen insight. Strong conservative principles.  Strong supporter of TABOR.  High moral standards.