Wednesday, June 6, 2018

June 2018 Primary Ballot Suggestions

Fellow voters:
After much thought and research, you will find my suggestions for the upcoming Primary Ballot below.  If I didn't include a candidate for one of the Senate or House seats, it is because there either are no Republican candidates running OR there is only one.

5th Congressional
Rep. Doug Lamborn
True, consistent conservative.  Check the scorecards by Heritage Action and Conservative Review. Compare his votes with Colorado's other U.S.Reps and Senators as well as GOP in general.

Walker Stapleton

State Treasurer
Justin Everett - (A+ on POL)

State Senator
SD-2: Stephanie Luck

SD7: No Recommendation
SD-7: Dan Thurlow
SD-7: Ray Scott  (F on POL)

SD-22 Anthony (Tony) Sanchez

SD- 34 (Denver) Pastor Gordon Alley

State Representative
HD - 14: Kanda Calef, Solid, conservative challenger.  My solid preference.  Endorsed.
HD - 14: Shane Sandridge, incumbent (A+ on POL)

HD - 22 Frank Francone Recommend
HD - 22 Colin Larson

HD - 28 Kristina Joy Alley

HD - 44: Kim Ransom (A+ on POL)

HD - 56: Phil Covarrubias, incumbent (D+ on POL)
HD - 56: Rod Brockenfeld, Challenger.  Promises to be strong on illegal immigration

County Commissioner, 
District 1: No recommendations.
District 5: Vicki Tonkins Well-respected endorsements.

Mike Angley

References are made to Principles of Liberty (POL) show 2018 voting records for those currently serving in the legislature.  POL reflects the voting record as it pertains to truly conservative values.  Literally thousands of votes have been analyzed to determine the rankings.  It is without question the best indicator of a Representative's or Senator's conservative standing.

Underlined only directs one to the website or Facebook site.  It does not indicate preference.