Saturday, November 12, 2011

Response to Colorado Springs Gazette's Editorial on Resistance to Republican Fundraising Gala

Today’s Colorado Springs Gazette had an article, authored by its editorial page editor, Wayne Laugesen in the “Our View” section, entitled GROVER NORQUIST IS NOT A JIHADIST,  in which he directly calls out Senator Lambert and me as promoting a boycott of tonight’s El Paso County Republican fundraising Gala and implying that we are extremists within the Party.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

Both Sen. Lambert and I strongly support the Republican Party, and in particular, the El Paso County Republican Party, but only insofar as its leadership adheres to and supports the core Principles of the Party to which we have both worked so hard for more than 15 years (cumulatively)  to promote and defend.  That said, we are very troubled by the direction that the EPCRP has moved since its Chairman Eli Bremer was marginally elected by the Republican Central Committee, as its Chairman earlier this year.  Since then, true conservatives, including TeaPartiers/912ers and other similar groups have been made to feel marginalized by a chairman who exhibits more interest in being big-tent driven than Principle driven. 

Over the recent decades, the Republican Party elites have drifted further and further from strong advocacy of Republican Principles of Limited Government, Free Enterprise, etc., in their vain quest for greater numbers.  Ironically, this drift has significantly reduced the enthusiasm as well as the fundraising ability of the Party.  Countering that has been the dramatic rise in the number of Liberty Groups across the country and within Colorado spurred on by the outrage of many conservatives who have either left the Republican Party mentally or through change in Party registration and have determined to work outside the Party structure, to support only conservative candidates and to challenge non-principle-driven “republicans” in future Primaries with conservative candidates. 

Most Republican elites do not understand that a battle is raging for the heart and soul of the Republican Party nationally and locally in an effort to bring the Party back to its Principles.  I believe this battle is necessary, unfortunately, to bring our Party back to its roots.  Unfortunately, too many Party leaders believe that strong adherence to Principle is counterproductive to the goal of winning elections.  In my view, and that of the Liberty groups, nothing could be further from the truth.  A Party that puts Principle on the back burner in order to win elections is tacitly conveying that the Party’s Principles are not valid or at least not valid for everyone…that we need to pander to special interest groups to gain their support.  Such a view undermines the Republican image and eventually leads to a Party that appears to stand for nothing.   Most conservatives would not say that the Republican Party “stands for nothing,” but over the past decades has been moving fast in that direction, as it seems unconcerned with vetting Precinct Leaders, Division Leaders or Republican Candidates for City, County, State or Federal political offices.  “Warm bodies may apply.” One only has to look at the Colorado Union of Taxpayers’ annual scorecard to identify “republicans” who too often ignore, among others, the Party’s limited government and free-market principles.  Chief among those low-scoring Republicans last session were the House’s Speaker and Majority Leader, with scores of 39% and 50% respectively.  This is what we call leadership?

Instead of initiating attempts to bring the Party back to adherence to its Principle, the Party’s leadership attempts to marginalize them as “extremists”, “dividers,” and “trouble-makers” and remove them from influence.  Such has been the case with all the Liberty groups as well as certain individuals, including Sen. Lambert and me.   Today’s Gazette’s editorial states the fact that the El Paso Republican vote is key to winning the state for the next Republican President.  Indeed, that is true,, but where Wayne Laugesen, in his editorial goes wrong is by implying that the difficulty with achieving that goal lies with the those who are attempting to call the party back to its Principles, rather than challenging the Party’s leadership to urge for adherence to them by all candidates and to do so at all political functions between now and the election.  Failure to move in this direction will continue to alienate those in the growing Liberty movement.  Should this lead to a poor showing for Republican candidates, that failure will rest on the shoulders of the Party’s leadership and not the conservative grass-roots.  Criticizing those who truly believe in conservative Principles will only be counter-productive to that effort and any loss will rest on their shoulders.  

Attempting to silence, ignore or marginalize those attempting to identify poor judgment by Republican leadership should not be ignored.  Inviting a speaker with dangerous alliances to a Republican fundraising gala is one of those troubling decisions.  When confronting Mr. Bremer on Thursday evening’s radio program, KLZ560am… “the Source”, Frank Gaffney, after submitting several troubling examples of Grover Norquist’s alliance with the Muslim Brotherhood, offered to come to El Paso County to discuss the matter in person and to show him the facts.  You can hear that broadcast here.  Eli Bremer didn’t accept that offer.  One only can wonder “why.?”